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Saturday, March 24, 2012

What Product Managers are Expected to do!!

"A picture is worth a thousand words". So irrespective what role you do within product management, be it 'Technical Product Manager', 'Software Product Manager', 'Product Owner', 'LOB Owner' etc. the picture below describes organizations expectation form the person who is supposed to be the captain of their (product) ship.

Read Collecting Requirements for better understanding on 'Designing your Radar' 

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Product Managers, are you Ageing? - know yourself

This post has nothing to do with your age, but yes it has lot to do with you showing signs of ageing as Product Manager. Are you fit to represent your market & own the product? Or your reflections are slowly but gradually losing the promptness. Ageing product manager often works in reactive mode (read working modes) hence it is of paramount importance for you as a product manager to know yourself as it is to know the opportunity you work on.

The first signs of aging will come from external source, people / team you work with, folks who are internal and external stake holders of product / LOB you manage as Product Manager. Sensing these signs early on is critical else you get push into an abyss. While many may consider reactions from this close peer group as negative I consider this as friendly as they alert you well in time, so thank them.

If you are ageing, first thing you will notice is non-welcoming gestures from peer group, in words, mails or in body language. These are early signs and are largely inconsistent, you better pick them ASAP. Repairing is easier at this juncture then in subsequent stages.