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Thursday, May 30, 2013

5 quotes for product managers

In their role, product managers perform many important tasks, they interact with almost all the functions within the organization and deal with customers and competitors in the market place. 
A product manager is expected to drive product strategy that will help accelerate new customer acquisition and in retaining the existing customer, in-turn improvise top and bottom line. In a nutshell, their performance matters a lot when it comes to success of the product. Person performing this role must have strong character and must always focus on strengthening it further. Here are 5 quotes that a product manager can work on to be on the top.

  1. Precision and not approximation is what should drive your decisions.
    Taking decisions in favor of product is top priority of the product manager. Product success and failure depends on decisions that a product manager takes throughout the life-cycle of the product. It is his decisions that would influence  product success or failure in the market place. So why take a chance, work hard on collecting data points, process them to get right information, and analyse the information accurately to take a wise decision.

  2. Suggestions are welcome, for considerations and not as direction.
    Everybody has ideas, mostly from their experience and pain points. Product Managers are often bombarded with such ideas with expectations that they would be implemented on top priority. Listen clearly, understand nicely and follow wisely. Listening is important and so as it understand. However, 'I understand' does not mean 'I agree' and 'I agree does not mean 'I am on action'. Do not set wrong expectations in your discussions and do let yourself be driven by someone else's sentiments. Be open to hear but be strong to disagree.

  3. Surprises are not good for owners, be prudent in knowing what else.
    Count the number of times you were surprise to learn something post event. For example, we lost the customer since we did not build something that they were looking for, or how could I know that this was needed. These are signs of bad habits that you have started nurturing in you. Situations like this are alarming bells that you have started your end as a successful product manager.

  4. Choice of words are reflection of character and not merely your vocabulary.
    Being product owner is a serious business and one of the ways in which your seriousness about your profile is sensed is by your choice of words in your talk. For example, on learning expectations from some body in executive team, you may chose to respond as, "I will do that" or "I should have done that, how could I miss it". Confidence, sincerity and most importantly reliability is often judge by such simple choice of words. They reflect your attitude towards the situation, something no one should take lightly.

  5. Ideas alone do not work, excel in execution as well.
    Ideas are good asset with notional value. Product managers are expected to materialize this notional value by executing a well defined plan. Ideas can be copied but what cannot be is the effectiveness of your execution. So beyond thinking, efficiency is what a product manager must focus on. Knowing what to do is not just good enough, how to achieve is of equal or greater importance. This is where most failures happen and as you grown in experience this where you must continuously improvise on.

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