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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things that you must ensure in your CV

This post has come from my recent learning while scrutinizing Curriculum Vitae for the post of Product Manager. Reading through dozens of resumes for almost 2 full days, I realized that I have learned a lot about many good companies and good products that they develop. Probably on some occasions I even could tell the release history and features highlights. This was because candidates often mix up their personal CV with corporate product brochurer. Speaking with few of them over telephone, I learned that they have started believing that highlighting success of product that they owned is good enough for them to get recognized as a hero and potentially a good candidate for job. Something that I found difficult to understand and I recommend that following should be ensured while drafting your CV.

  1. Your CV is your marketing document and NOT of the product that you manage/  managed
  2. Talk of your contribution and NOT just of your product's performance
  3. Emphasis on your ability to drive and NOT just your responsibilities
  4. Explicitly mention difference you made and NOT just the number of releases you managed
  5. Showcase your business sense and NOT just the ability to manage agile plan
  6. Sell yourself and NOT your product
  7. Tell me why I should hire you and NOT just justify your current employment

I am sure suggestions mentioned here are not tough to implement, and if you wondering why you are not getting any interview calls, well this post may have a answer or more.


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