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Friday, July 23, 2010

Do you see the light?

In September 2008, I wrote a blog on ‘urgencies of getting ready for post recession’. Many were seeing light at the end of the tunnel then but were not sure of the distance though. Many were not able to see the light then but they could see it today and many are still in dark. What amuses me most is that there were people who had always seen light at the end of tunnel, be it start of recession or peak. There are two breeds of such people;

  1. People who are close to ground reality and understand the economic dynamics
  2. People who have no idea and understanding of economic dynamics. Flukes basically.

To be optimistic one must have right data of what’s moving and what’s stagnated. The trait of being a true social animal helps here. Your source of information could be anything, from sales, marketing, partners, customers, competition or even engineering. Being in touch would always help in getting you your most valuable asset, that is data. Tough times demands tough measures and need to be as close as possible to ground reality. Success then depends on how good you can interpret coming days and what strategy you deploy to get maximum out of it.

Happy hunting.

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