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Friday, September 16, 2011

Identity of a Product Manager

What's in the title? - yeah, that's not that easy to let go.

My title is my identity in my organization - well said by someone whom I meet 4 years back in mirror, while combing my hair. I was curious to know if my title truly justified that I do, and equally curious was the guy in mirror to answer me, hmm but then what does Product Manager mean, and is this the title that truly justifies my duties?

May be yes, if just look inward and focus on my product as my core karm-bhumi (area of duty) and consider sales, technology, engineering, customers, market, competition & policies as input points to manage my product. But is this what I and many other product managers do worldwide? Hmmm not sure if that’s the right way to go ahead.

The other approach that I could think at that time was something like this. Any product (let’s limit to commercial products for now) that gets developed is aimed to either address a need or create a habit, and the sole role of that product then is to remain focused towards fulfillment of the reason of its existence – and that is to address the need or create a habit. Wow, that sounds interesting. So now, what should be of paramount importance for a product manager? I guess the very reason that cause the birth of the his product (or solution in some cases), a product manager then in true sense is suppose to manage this reason or opportunity (I learned it long way) using product as tool. Product Manager must be faithful to this opportunity and not just to product that helps tackle him the opportunity.

So what’s the call? – as far as title is concern, I give a damnn, but identity!! You can’t ignore it - think over it and maybe you may like to comeback and read this blog once again.

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  1. I've always thought a designation gives one an opportunity in an organization to sneak away from what he/she does not want to do. Process, methodology, etc. are what slow operations down. The best designations are those which ensure a person has to stay involved in diverse business areas. That allows development of the person as well as the organization.