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Monday, December 5, 2011

Product Managers in India

I was meeting this whole bunch of product managers last Sunday at India Product Managers Association annual event at IIMB campus. Each of them doing something different from rest but mostly from IT, ITES kind of background. Just wondering why we don't see PMs from non IT background.

Well, whatever - it was good to learn few things which was evident from what I observed during the talks / Q&A, breaks and discussions;
  1. Product Managers in India value what they do & are happy about their choice of profession
  2. West and West coast no more attract them, they plan to build their career in India
  3. They understand that the PM role has evolved & will continue evolve as Industry matures
  4. Few but not many see need to have Product Management certification
  5. Good lot of them were from start-up background, I guess about 30-35% of 130
  6. They shy away from networking - or even saying Hi.
  7. People who network most are those who are selling training programs or from start-ups
  8. They are good leaders with amazing thoughts but do not participate in contest (6 of 130)
  9. "Future is bright" - most of us are very positive about next 5 years
  10. Believe that they as community will drive the next phase India Product story
Good to see so many people actively participating to build a much needed eco-system for Products and Product companies in India. Thanks and congratulations to organizers for initiating and successfully completing one year of IPMA.

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