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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Evaluating New Job Offer

Time for some quick thoughts, this time on what is a good job offer? As a product manager, how do you evaluate the worthiness of a new job offer beyond remunerations.

While the answer to this question will have lots of 'Depends' and ultimately boils down to the choice of individuals, there are certain aspects that a aspiring product owner must not overlook on. These are must to have as part of product managers profile and a product manager must insists on owning these responsibilities. If the new job offer does not include even one of these responsibilities then it becomes easy to take the decision and the decision is a big NO. 

Product Managers avoid taking job offers that does NOT include
  1. Market exposure (instead limits you to engineering environment only)
  2. Customer interaction (instead asks you to depend on internal stakeholders only)
  3. Opportunity to work on problem (instead asks to work on predefined solution  only)
  4. Responsibility for market success (instead asks to own engineering success only)
  5. Access to user community (instead asks to focus on technology aspects only)

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