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Sunday, September 29, 2013

UX for New Product

Quick one for this month. Once again from my personal experience. A well defined UX can hide poorly defined workflows, on the other hand, a bad UX may raise serious doubts on even a optimally defined workflow. Cutting the short the long story, focus on user experience as it matters most when it comes to acceptability of your product. 

In this post I have covered some simple steps that from my recent experience of designing and developing something out of nothing, in other words, developing a new product from zero base. 

There are simple points to keep in mind while designing for 

  1. Scope out purpose
  2. Define flow
  3. Design HTML
  4. Visuals
  5. Actual pages

at each step, have multiple rounds of feedback session with key stake holders, user groups and engineering team. It is always good to have mock-ups, a flash demo, or clickable visuals etc to help stake holders understand the flow.

everyone will have a brilliant idea on how to improvise a HTML, do not run like a headless chicken, draw lines and take calls when you want to say enough of inputs. The message is simple, if you are someone who is working on a new product than make sure you have taken care of all your UX needs.


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