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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Traits that Creates a Success Manager - V

Trait V - Be up-to-date, the control system

How often do you re-visit the product plan? What's your control system that helps you correct the course that you have decided to take your product on.

As a product champion you are responsible for the result, responsible for effectiveness of the team that works on your course and responsible for ROI that investors expect from you. Being a Product Champion is a tough responsibility and how you manage it demonstrate your maturity. While there is no escape to being up-to-date with customers and partners on requirements, there are four critical areas that a success manager is always up-to-date with. 

I suggest you monitor these four corners on continuously to ensure that your control system has right set of inputs required to take a bold decision;

Regulations: keep track of regulatory compliance that governs key design and feature implementation of your product or service.

Technology trends: Keep an eye on emerging trends in technology that my impact (adversely or positively) need of your product / service.

Competition announcements: Your competition is the greatest reason why your company needs you - to stay ahead of competition, that right. Always remember your competition is your bread and butter - focus, focus and focus on your competitors.

Executive vision: Most CEO are entrepreneurs, they have more pair of arms than octopus - more eyes than Ravana and a brain that's larger than that of a white whale. Be up-to-date with their ever evolving thought process.

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