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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ensuring Success: Top 10 Priorities of Product Manager

Managing opportunities is top most priority of a Product Manager, and a professional who does this religiously wins success. While there are many aspects of taking care of opportunity, I suggest following 10 as most important pieces that will ensure a complete picture of success. Having continuous focus on these 10 points is a must for any product manager who wish to get branded as success manager.
  1. Problem to address / solve (why customers need you)
  2. Habit to nurture (get customer used to you)
  3. Customers to win (your bread and butter)
  4. Technology to bank on (your weapon)
  5. Team to trust (your confidence)
  6. Regulation that guide (cop that guides you)
  7. Competition to beat (your source of improvement)
  8. Positioning to lead (your deadly move)
  9. ROI for investors (your dharma / religion)
  10. Feedback to improve (for you - must)
While all that I have mentioned above is not directly owned by a Product Manager, but if you are a success manager you would not like to let any of these go lose. Own or co-own, a success manager will always have above mentioned 10 points in his to-do list.

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