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Friday, November 29, 2013

Product Manager @ various phases of PLC

In the context of 'Product Life Cycle, priorities of product manager varies depending on the phase in which the product moves in. Narrowing down this post to my experience in technology companies (enterprise software, SaaS, B2C and automation domain), at times product phase also does influence the positioning of product management group within the organization. I am referring to the functional department to which product management is housed in, marketing, engineering or as an independent wing.

Here is a quick snapshot of my running thoughts. These post is largely influenced by simple thought of 'how do I make product management most effective to ensure engineering and market success of product?'

I look forward to your views and suggestions on how best can be we make product managers effective. There is hardly anything to disagree that a product cannot be successful if its CEO is not effective. Looking forward to your comments.


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