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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Key takeaways from 2013

2013 has been great. It was full of challenges, learning and rewards. Today at fag-end of 2013 what else could be better than writing about top 3 things that I did better in 2013 than in my previous years and have made be a better professional. While I have always believed and practiced these but in 2013 they came out loud and stronger than in past. So here I go with this simple post from my personal experience and practice.

  1. I called a spade a spade; It is easier said than done, without hesitation and without worrying too much about consequences. I believe this helps in positioning oneself as a strong character, a no nonsense professional to whom organization can bank upon in tough hours.
  2. Recruited people whom I believe are going to help me improvise further; created a team of performers, individuals who create healthy competition and created opportunity for me to improvise. It is important to have good company as it is this that defines your personality and character, so never compromise on people quality.  
  3. Never compromised with expectations; things in past were always business driven, if business is 'ok' than the product is 'ok'. This year though was different as I refused to lower the bar, expectation were high and they remained high. Quality is first step towards success and only fuel to maintain success.
I hope to continue with my learning of 2013 and make 2014 a better year, more successful and more rewarding.



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