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Friday, January 31, 2014

Design for user habits

What makes a product success? what is that will ensure user adaptation and delight? Product owners world wide works to solve such puzzle everyday, few succeed, many fails. This is clearly seen in poor success rate of new products and services launched everyday.

Professionals believe that solving the right problem is not good enough for ensuring success, not is a good UX just enough to create user community. Yes, it is every important to identify 'good problem / opportunity' and to have a equally good 'user experience, however, probability of success would be hugely impacted if product managers, engineers and designer focus on user habits and aspects that influences users to use a particular product.

I read this post by Mohan who has been a successful entrepreneur and believes in working more on motivation factor rather than just focusing on problem or technology driven solutions. 

Also, successful product management professional, Vivek who has been associated with brands like intuit and iPass in past covers a story on similar lines in his recent post at Product Mantra. Here he is talking about designing a product that takes guild away from user, again focus is not just on problem but also on user habits, habits that will ensure product usage powered good UX and under the hood technology solution.


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