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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Success Managers

What do Product Managers manage, Product, LOB or an Opportunity? Product Managers profile is most commonly misunderstood as someone who manages the product roadmap, requirements for a release and owns a delivery. While these definitely are some of the key tasks performed by product managers, but these are not all, product management is lot more than these KRAs.

Successful product managers are those who have well understood the difference between managing a product and managing opportunities. While most just end up managing a product, others go a little ahead by managing a need or demand (they are good at collecting, consolidating and prioritizing requirements) and few lead ahead when they start focusing on opportunity, thought process and market, in this process they create demand. They don’t manage product but use product to manage these opportunities. I call them success managers as they not only bring the success but also ensure that it remains with them, with customers they serve and with organization they live.

Some of the key distinguishing factors;

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